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The Up-Turn

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Minneapolis is a region that isn’t really known for great and creative hip-hop artists.  Psymun and Prhym8 may just begin to change that however.  Featuring one of the most interesting hip-hop beats I have heard all year The Gist is a Psymun produced track that will appear on the Psymun produced EP Awfully Nice.  The beat for this track reminds me a lot of the Avalanches, specifically their amazing Frontier Psychiatrist.  This track is featuring Emcee Sick of Psuedo Slang (yes there are a lot of “P” names in this hip-hop community) who began a euro-tour this past Friday.  If Prhym8 and Psymun keep making great music like this Minneapolis will surely gain more notoriety as a creativity musical community.  Download The Gist and the instrumental below.


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