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Monthly Archives: November 2010


1.  Avey Tare – Laughing Hieroglyphic (TC)

2.  Girls – Carolina (PK)

3.  Wavves – Take on the World (TC)

4.  The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By (TC)

5.  Oberhofer – Should Have Taken Acid With You (Neon Indian Cover) (PK)

6.  Sigur Rós – Stratálfur (PK)


The Radio Dept.’s Clinging To A Scheme was an addictive and sweet album filled with dreamy/shoegaze pop-songs that were easy to love.  Heavens On Fire in particular has been played nearly countless times on my computer and is probably the best example of their sound.  Never Follow Suit is the latest release from the swedish band and it finds them exploring familiar and new territory with their songs.  While tracks like Never Follow Suit appeared and clearly fit well on their full-length songs like The One find the band exploring a dub-step direction.  The EP is a great listen and you can stream it in its entirety below.


When I saw this I was all like THIS and then when I heard it I was all like THIS.  Jamie xx has been churning out some crazy remixes over the past few months and Gil-Scott Heron has been churning out some crazy poetry for the past 40 years.  I already thought Jamie xx was amazing, but this remix has increased my respect for him infinitely.  His reinterpretation of the sparse chant-like original sounds completely different, but still conveys the same heavy emotion Heron put into it.  Jamie xx will be putting out a sure to be avant-garde album entitled We’re New Here of remixes of songs from Heron’s newest album I’m New Here.  I am fully prepared for my mind to implode upon hearing the album.

via P&P



After an amazing performance at an  NYC Gig Kanye took time to make a nearly 10-minute long rant over a slowed down Good Life chord progression.  The rant is actually very well thought out as Kanye talks about the drama surrounding George Bush, Taylor Swift and Matt Lauer.  Although many people will probably be angered by the rant I really do think Kanye makes good points and presents his ideas well throughout the rant.  Outside of the rant the performance was a star-studded run through his amazing new album with many of the guest features and Justin Vernon evens fills in more spots than he had on the album.  Watch some of the videos below.


This project came out in February but I just got around listening to it now.  Sounds Like is a collaborative project between rapper/producer EmAy and producer Ivan Ice.  The beats EmAy and Ice create are sample-based and simplistic, but sound like they were definitely crafted with care.  Throw in some verses from EmAy and you’ve got a nice little 7-song EP.  Stream and download the EP below for free via bandcamp.



Hip-hop has changed a lot in the past 20 years.  The music being made today by acts such as Kanye West, Odd Future and Lil’ Wayne sounds completely different than the hip-hop from the late 80s and 90s.  In the early 90s hip-hop was still establishing itself as a real genre that deserved the same respect and attention that rock had been receiving.  As a result two young MC’s named Q-Tip and Phife Dawg started making hip-hop as A Tribe Called Quest.  The Tribe used jazz samples for their beats which were made by third member Ali Shaheed Muhammad.  The beats were bass heavy and a lot more laid back than the beats being used today.  Understated beats allowed Phife and Q-Tip’s lyrics to take the forefront of songs and they soon developed a strong following for their amazing and witty lyrics.

Check The Rhime

Today A Tribe Called Quest are considered to be pioneers in hip-hop’s history.  Q-Tip and Phife hold the highest respect among veteran MC’s and many of their songs are considered hip-hop classics.  Their short 8 years as a group produced 5 albums and universal acclaim from both indie media sources like Pitchfork and mainstream publications like VH1.  They are a group that cannot be ignored and many rapper’s today owe a lot to Q-Tip and Phife for helping hip-hop gain the respect it now holds.


Bradford Cox is easily one of the most interesting musical figures making music today.  Under the names of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound, Cox has been creating amazing music influenced by everything from Animal Collective to punk-rock.  Most interesting is Cox’s personal story as he spent many years of his childhood in and out of hospitals suffering from the genetic Marfan Syndrome.  It was because of these experiences that Cox began recording music and much of his childhood has inspired his songwriting.  As a treat to all his fans Cox has released 4 volumes of unreleased material for free all adding up to a total of over 2 and a half hours of new material.  FOR FREE!  I have already listened to two of the volumes completely and they are an amazing mix of electronics, instrumentals and other pieces of songs that all give a personal look into Cox’s mind.  The volumes are intimate and private looks into Cox’s life and they are a great addition to any music collection.  Down the volumes below.

UPDATE:  According to Cox Sony Music has taken down the downloads to his Volumes 2-4 saying “Apparently Sony Music Owns my bedroom.” He is trying to get them back on so hopefully they will go back up soon.

UPDATE:  The links are back up where they will hopefully stay untouched by Sony.

Download Vol. 1

Download Vol. 2

Download Vol. 3

Download Vol. 4

Here is a brand new song from the two Odd Future reps.  The production sounds like if you took one of Wiz Khalifa’s synthesizer-heavy beats, and then made it distorted to the point that Wiz Khalifa fans would cry when they heard it.  I like it a lot.  Download MellowHype’s (Hodgy Beats & producer Left Brain) recent album BLACKENEDWHITE HERE and download Mike G’s album Ali HERE, and stream/download the track below.


Kanye’s new album was really good, but this is just bizarre.  First of all, the song choice makes absolutely no sense to me.  “Lost in the World” is a great track, but is pretty dark and kind of the opposite of what a Thanksgiving Day Parade is about, something like “Power” or even “Dark Fantasy” would have worked so much better.  Also, Kanye wears weird outfits.  Its something I’m used to and have no problem with, but seeing him wearing whatever the fuck he is wearing right next to dancers in tacky statue of liberty and taxi cab costumes just makes me laugh.  Kanye has had some incredible performances in the past, and I know this was a Thanksgiving Parade, but I can’t help laughing through this entire performance.


In early 2009 Blu appeared on the now infamous XXL freshmen list.  The list was showing that the hip-hop music industry had undergone a huge change because it was comprised almost exclusively of artists who had created a following over the internet.  Some of those artists went on to huge mainstream success (B.o.B, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi) and others dropped off the face of the earth (Charles Hamilton, Ace Hood), Blu fell somewhere in between.  After the list came out, it became clear that Blu was not looking to break into the mainstream, instead he stayed underground releasing great mixtapes and behind the scenes projects on tiny labels.  Now Blu is finally gearing up to release his debut album No York, and this FlyLo-produced track is the first single.  The production is face-melting, but who expected anything else from Flying Lotus, and the music video by “ruffrugged&rowdy” is one of my favorites of the year.  Download the track below.