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Every time an Odd Future artist releases a new album (which fortunately happens pretty often) it is bound to be on repeat in my iTunes for the next week at the very least.  This time MellowHype (producer Left Brain and rapper Hodgy Beats) are releasing their sophomore (after their debut YelloWhite) album.  And what more perfect of a time to listen to some dark, twisted, fucked up music than Halloween.  I have extremely high expectations for this album.  YelloWhite was good, but from music I have heard from both Left Brain and Hodgy Beats since YelloWhite it is clear that they both have made huge progress at improving their crafts.

P.S.:  Odd Future is finally playing a show in the big apple a little over a week from now on November 8th at Webster Hall’s The studio.  For more information click HERE.

P.P.S.  Hit the jump to see the 2 alternate covers.



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