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I did not see this coming.  RZA of course is famous for being a member and the main producer of the Wu-Tang Clan, but he has many other musical projects.  One of those is the “Horror-core” group Gravediggaz, a super group he formed in 1994 with Frukwan, Too Poetic, and Prince Paul.  In 1994 Gravediggaz released a their debut album 6 Feet Deep (the album art of which is above) full of haunting and disturbing (ie. Diary of a Madman), but oddly enough sometimes humorous tracks, but by about 1998 the group as it had been created seemed to have dissolved.  Now, for RZA’s Wu-Wednesdays, he has brought together the group for a new track.  “2 More Cups of Blood” isn’t the greatest work Gravediggaz have ever done, but it is definitely cool to see them back together.



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