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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For Cape Dory, EIWIF band Tennis take a stab at the low quality VHS style of video recording that has been the latest craze in the indie world.  The style is still awesome, and is made even more awesome by the whole video revolving around a guy skateboarding while attached to a car.  The imagery is great and it fits the home-recorded sound of the band.


Sleigh Bells have quickly become the Wavves of last year: loved by some, hated by others.  If you fall on the former side, here is a Treat for you.  Below you can download and stream the entire set of Sleigh Bell’s Primavera performance.  Feel free to enjoy or scoff.

via PMA

Vodpod videos no longer available.


It is official, Ra Ra Riot are the puppies of the indie-pop world.  They coat their songs in an addictive and sweet production that is too good to hate.


Like This

Ra Ra Riot are smart puppies though; rolling drums, strumming strings, splashes of synths and that interplay.  Too Dramatic has all of those things and more, making this a great song to add to my growing hype for The Orchard.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Here’s a new 6th Sense-produced record from Richard Andrew, and it might be my new summer anthem.  6th Sense’s production has a very soulful feel as always, and Outasight’s perfect singing-rapping hybrid style is perfect for it.  I know its a bold statement, but if sunshine made noise, I think it would sound like this.



XV having been recently signed to Warner Bros. Records, is celebrating by releasing a bunch of tracks.  This is a new one that will most likely be featured on his upcoming project, Vizzy Zone.  XV always finds some fresh slightly electronic production to rap over and this Johnny Juliano-produced beat is no exception.



And another thanks goes out to Confusion for this one.  I’ve already said that Moxie Black is sure to have the mainstream crowd, and this song is also making me start to think that they will be accepted by the indie crowd also.  The instrumental Dekk created for this one reminds me a lot of the strokes, and you would think that ILLA’s tastefully auto-tuned crooning would clash with it, but the result is actually something fresh and great.  I am starting to really really like Moxie Black.



I just got back from a trip I took visiting my amigos in the Dominican Republic where I was out of reach of the vice grip that is the internet.  Over the next hour or so I will be taking a journey through the past 5 days in my email account and on the internet finding all of the music I missed and will be posting it in this post after the jump.


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I wish I could come up with an excuse as to why it hasn’t been posted in so long, but to be honest, I was being lazy, my apologies.


P.S.: I’ll come up with some badass new logo for it soon.


1.  Owen Pallett – Oh Heartland, Up Yours! (PK)

2.  Big Boi – Be Still (Feat. Janelle Monae) (TC)

3.  Wavves – Linus Spacehead (TC)

4.  Lemonade – Big Weekend (PK)

5.  oOoOO – Seaww (PK)

6.  Moxie Black – Sleepy Kids (Sleepy Head Remix) (TC)


I have listened to Daytrotter Sessions for a while now, wondering how the guys are able to record bands at their very best.  Daytrotter has continued their mastery of recording with sessions of Local Natives and Real Estate.  Local Natives session, found HERE, is everything you would hope from the acoustic, multi-harmonied band.  Ever sound is spot on and Wide Eyes sounds as great as ever.

The Real Estate session is my favorite of the two.  The band pulls out two new songs and Suburban Dogs for the recording.  Suburban Dogs is fantastic, and even better than the recording.  The new songs Art Fandelet and an Untitled are also very exciting for the band.  The songs are both more up-tempo and experiment with more drumming than was found on their Self-Entitled debut.  Download both sessions of at Daytrotter.


First go ahead and take a minute to LOL at the clever name of Com Truise…

Tom Cruise... GET IT?!?

Sundriped is a song that will satisfy anyone crazing some more of that chillwave.  The formula is still as addictive as ever and Com Truise is unique enough to sound different than Neon Indian and Washed Out.  I am confident that soon Truise will be signed and putting out remixes for all the other chillwave artists out there.

Via Stereogum

MP3: Com Truise- Sundriped