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The Up-Turn

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This Is Happening can already be streamed for free here, which is much earlier than its May release.  Check out my review of one of the earlier leaks I Can Change.


I would like to start by saying that I can almost guarantee that this song will be used to soundtrack some indie movie prom scene in the future.  I think this song will be treated in the same way that “There is a Light that Never Goes Out” by the Smiths is being viewed now.  I Can Change is slow-danceable, appropriate for blasting on a boombox outside your girlfriends house and is easily quotable.  Lyrics like “Love is an open book to a verse of your bad poetry” and “I can change, I can change… if it helps you fall in love” are not only awesome but genuine and emotional.  Not to mention that Murphy displays his singing chops on this song and it really amazes.  I have listened to this countless times and it is still amazing and sweet.  For the first time in Up-Turn history I am reviewing a track that I can with out a second thought give a perfect score.  Simply stunning.


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